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The history of DESIS, a story of new ideas and absolute quality in furniture, began in 1997. Step by step, the company achieved significant goals that provided its activities with momentum and its staff with motives. Today, it manufactures outstanding furniture at an etremely modern factory located on 5.000 square meters privately owned premises in the Industrial Area of Sindos, Thessaloniki.

The continuous progress of DESIS openednew horizons for its activity, and as a result it expanded its network of associates, creating a succesful presence on the markets of Europe, confirming the completeness of its products and its trustworthiness as a company.

Choose a space and make it your own.

At DESIS we design and manufacture furniture with this frame of mind: we want your space to “speak” for you. To declare our love of good design, your need for beautiful and flexible solutions, your hospitable spirit, and your own distinct touch. Every piece of DESIS furniture expresses this philosophy and participates in your life just as you imagine.

Every product of DESIS is produced through quality assurance procedures in its factory.

DESIS inspects and ensures a high level for every piece of furniture bearing its signature, establishing a unique code that accompanies every product at all the stages of production, from its entry to its packaging. For DESIS, oerfection in finishing and the search for functional and aesthetic solutions never stop.